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To the Most Professional,Patient, and Sweet Real Estate Team out there…

Thanks Guys! We love our new home!!

Val, Danny, Taylor, and Sage

Buying a House
Suburban House

Highest praise goes to you and your team of "Angels".  After experiencing a home sale with you and your team, I would never be satisfied with anyone else.

Thank you for all the

"Heavenly Days!”

Helen Watts

Home Exterior

I just wanted to tell you thanks again for everything you have done for me in purchasing my new home! You and your staff have made this such an easy process! I will refer everyone I know to you! Thank you so much!

Kirsten Larson

Suburb Family Home

I’m recommending Angelina Feichko to you. She is a thoroughbred; you are getting the best and will be in very good hands with her!

Cleo Shivers

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

The experience of working with you and your Team with selling all of our properties has been very satisfying. There have been times when I would have given up more value than needed if it were not for your talented negotiation.  Thank you for such an awesome level of support!


David Larson

Modern House Exterior

Bill and Sally absolutely love you. Not just “you” for being you.....they also love your skills. Your superb negotiating skills did not go unnoticed.They indicated that you are sooooo nice, but when it comes to negotiating for them you were very professional, but basically a tiger.You definitely have 2 new referral sources!

Sherry Barker, Mortgage & Construction Loan Officer

Bank of Utah


 If anyone asked if it was worth the brokerage fee...I would say every single bit. Angelina was on the phone with us constantly. With her upbeat personality and enthusiasm it was hard not be excited to sell our home. Thanks again to Sold By An Angel Real Estate® and Angelina for a job well done!!


Dustin and Amy Thompson

Luxury House

Without a doubt I would recommend using Sold By An Angel when buying or selling a house. Friendly staff. Takes care of her clients and families. Down to earth kind of people, with a heavenly twist. Easy to get a hold of. Always there to answer your questions. Will always do what’s right for you and your family.

Noel and Yvonne Comesario


Grey House

 A friend at work who just bought a home last spring didn't have such a good experience with his realtor. He always felt like he and his wife had to keep pushing their agent to get things done. My experience was 180° from his; everything moved so quickly and efficiently that I felt like everyone was waiting for me to do my part.  I always felt I could trust you and that you had my best interest at heart. You have definitely earned a customer for life!

David McQueary

Traditional House
Buying a House
Home Exterior
White Wooden House


 When your team dropped off the trick or treat bags the other night for our kids I realized -no, I had a revelation! -that there is no one in your industry in this state that does a better job than you do. You have a tremendous amount of credibility with me.  I will gladly refer business to you.


Christopher J. Battrick


After my mother’s passing, my siblings and I needed to sell her house. Of course we all

had “our own realtor” whom we wanted to use. I said, ‘Yes, but do you want it sold?’ It’s so great to work with a professional. I know a lot of agents in the business.

But when it comes to selling my own home, I know who to call.


        Charlie Hammond,

previous owner/partner of Stewart Title Co.


You are much more than a real estate agent, you’re a great friend. I think that’s what just stands out so much. The relationship doesn’t end after the sale. That’s why you and your team are so valuable.”


        Jaremy Hymas

House Frames

Angel. Thank you for the book. You really didn’t have to do that though. You set the bar so high when buying or selling a house that I don’t think I will meet someone that I would recommend as highly as I do you. And that includes my uncle who is also a broker 😉.  I am happy I could steer some business your way and will continue to advertise for you. Just because you’re that good.

Joel Steed

Beautiful House

Dear Angelina,


Thank you for making all my home buying and selling experiences so amazingly easy. I have known you for over a decade. You have represented me in purchasing and selling personal residences and investment properties; transactions of $200,000 to three quarters of a million dollars; in good housing markets and in bad. I have come to realize that the amazing ingredient in each of these sales and purchases is YOU!


We as your clients, very seldom realize what is happening behind the scenes. Whenever a problem occurs, you always come up with a solution. You never let us see you sweat! When it comes to negotiating a better price for me your skill is unsurpassed. You are never intimidated, and you always have my best interest as your focus.


All I have to do is sign and initial documents that I know are accurate and show up to the closing to receive my special gift you give me to let me know how much you appreciate me.


I am sure that all your clients will join me in lending their voices in making a chorus of singing your praises. Thank you for doing all the big things and the “little” things that make doing business with you so amazingly easy!


Your client forever,


Judy Garcia


I  can't imagine what we would have to do if we didn't have you!!!! Y'ALL ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

Michelle Hubbard

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