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Fun Day Monday November 2021

Okay Everybody! It’s time for Fun Day Monday again.

As you probably already know, for the past several months we have been having an “I AM” theme for our Fun Day Monday Trivial Pursuit Contest.

When we first started this “I AM” theme, I had told you that I was going to be giving away four of my most favorite “I AM” items that I own.

Well, today is the fourth month and so this is the last “I AM” themed item that I plan to give away.

Want a chance to win our final item?

Here's how to enter the drawing:

Simply reply with the correct answer to the quiz question below and your name will be entered into a drawing to win this month's "I AM" prize. It is that easy!

We will announce the winner by email, Facebook, and Instagram ​on Friday.

​The Fun Day Monday quiz question is as follows:

What is the official language of Gabon?

A. English

B. French

C. Italian

D. Spanish

Please reply with your answer​ and your name will be entered into the drawing to win!

​Good luck and thank you for being our client!

Have a Heavenly Day!®

Angelina Feichko, Principal Broker


Bachelor Degree, Business Administration/Marketing

Sold By An Angel Real Estate®

Oh by the way…If you know of anyone who would appreciate the level of service we provide, please call me with their name and telephone number and we’ll be happy to follow up and take great care of them!

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