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Melanie Meinzer




  • Brigham Young University

  • 20 years designing and decorating Custom Homes

  • Owner of Melanie’s Creative and Classy Interior Design


Specializing in


  • Strategic Market Appeal

  • Buyer Behavior Analysis

  • Staging, Styling, and Dynamizing

  • Home Positioning

  • Psychology of Color and Buyer Appeal

Heavenly Service From Cloud Nine!™


“I love being able to stage homes for Sold By An Angel Real Estate®. It brings me great pleasure to make a home look beautiful and give new homeowners a glimpse of what their future can bring. Decorating is one of my life's Passions and being able to share that with our clients makes my job the best one! It is important to me to do the best possible job I can.  Serving others is another Passion of mine and I am so lucky to have my two favorite things in one job! The Sold By An Angel Team® cares personally about their clients and wants to serve them in the best possible way and I am so happy to be associated with them in this process.”