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1st Quarter Market Update


Recently we represented a Seller on the sale of her home. The Buyer, thinking he was a savvy negotiator, tried to low-ball us on the purchase price multiple times to no avail.

Finally, we went under contract at a very favorable price for my Seller. Because of the other party’s negotiation tactics, they fared poorly.

As such, when it came time to negotiate the home inspection repairs, the buyer wanted my client to replace all of the plumbing in the entire house, add window wells to the house, and expand the size of the windows.

To that I said, “Not on my watch!” First of all, the home’s plumbing is up to code per the city and did NOT need to be replaced. Additionally, the home includes a walk-out basement and does not need window wells. It would have been ridiculous to install window wells.

I personally grew up in a 1940’s bungalow-style home. In the horrific event of a fire, truthfully, my siblings and I would have perished because only a cat, a very small dog, or possibly a toddler, would have been able to fit through the window, and that’s if they were able to tear off the screen.

No Seller is ever going to, nor be required to, rip out all their windows to make them adhere to 2023 builder requirements.

We ended up negotiating a small $175 plumbing repair that was needful, as well as some minor electrical repairs that I find routinely come up on most of our inspections and are “no big deal” and are normally remedied by the Seller.

Suffice it to say, the Buyer still bought the house, we have funded and recorded, and my Seller is delighted! Mission accomplished!

This is what I love about my job! If you are my client, I will ALWAYS fight to the death for your best interests. I am honest and fair with the other party, yet at the same time, my client will always come first. I always say that we want to have a Win-Win situation.

In the excellent book, Create A Great Deal, Tim Burrell writes, “​Anyone can engage in win-lose negotiating. In this style, some negotiators believe they are doing battle, so they try to destroy the other party and ignore the fact that a destroyed party has no reason to complete the deal.”​

I say, that is correct and that I always want a WIN-win scenario. BIG WIN for my client, little win for the other side. 😊

​And as always, I want to keep you informed about the real estate market.

I’m including the 1st Quarter Market Statistics for Davis, Weber, Salt Lake, Utah, Tooele, and Box Elder Counties.

If you or a friend or family member want to move, please call me!

I’m never too busy for any of your referrals! ​Thank you for being our client and Have a Heavenly Day!®

Angelina Feichko, Principal Broker, ABR®, ASP, CDPE, CHMS, CNE, CRS, DRS™, GRI, SRS

Bachelor Degree, Business Administration/Marketing

Sold By An Angel Real Estate®

Mobile: 801-390-8015

Oh by the way…If you know of anyone who would appreciate the level of service we provide, please call me with their name and telephone number and we’ll be happy to follow up and take great care of them!

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